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What I do

I Lead. Motivate. Cultivate. Collaborate. Instigate. 


Director, Producer, Conference Chair, Visual Effects Supervisor, Animation Festival Chair ..

if you need solid creative team building and leadership skills you've found the right guy.


Gameplay, feature creep, art direction, controller and interface, level design, character design and 100 other things that need to work together. But most importantly, is it fun? 


Need to build a small team or a large studio? Done that .. let me guide you past the mistakes and hurtles others have made in the past to jump start your success.


Professional Development


I founded a unique Creative Industries Program (Game Design and Interactive Media) and was Head of Animation at a major University.

I am now Chair of the MFA Computer Arts department at SVA, leading an interdisciplinary, group project based collaborative curriculum.

Demo reel, web site and career guidance for students and professionals of all ages is always critical. You could be the best artist in the world, but if no one knows about you or your work isn't presented properly, no one will ever know .. be focused and update often!

Have an idea and you just don't know to begin? Or even what media might best serve your vision? Perhaps your company or project is low on time and money and needs to take a pause to reevaluate core priorities ... or just get an honest "risk vs. reward" reality check.

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